I'm testing a project to help people crowdfund their green living projects. The aim is to crowdfund for small and medium scale projects that have community and environmental benefits, and take a more personal approach then other crowdfunding sites (you can apply, learn more or get a free roadmap to crowdfunding your green project here).

Does crowdfunding appeal to you? If so, what questions do you have? What kinds of projects would you want to fund? What would you see as the biggest barriers for you?

Look forward to any thoughts!

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Hi Cynthia

Crowdfunding sounds interesting. What more can you tell me?

We are a sustainable ecovillage starting construction next week. How could crowdfunding help us?




Hi Jamison-

Thanks for asking. Basically this a peer supported way of raising funds for a project. You identify the amount you need, rewards that you will give to those who support you based on the dollars they give, and share information about your project. There is a campaign of between 30-60 days to work toward raising the funds.

Hope that's a helpful overview. If you'd like to connect further about it you can also reach me at cynthia@gatherwell.com

Thanks again for your interest!

Be Well,



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