Does anyone want to know how to start a discussion?

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Sure Richard, how?

Well Marcey, I sense that you really know how to get a discussion going based on your recent posts.  We have tips here at .

What's great here is that anybody who wants to talk about anything green can start a discussion.  Knowing your interest in living simply and recylcing passionately, how do you think we can get more people to take it to the next level - to go from whereever they are in their greenness to another level?


Well as much as I hate big government I would love it if we were able to out-law plastic bags and make bottle companies more responsible for their trash. One the smaller scale, I think it is all about education. We have a small recycling company here in my county called Tahlequah Recycling, I think they are doing a great job with the college and schools teaching young people. They put cans in one dorm for one weekend then one the following Monday they hauled it all to the football field where volunteers seperated what had been thrown away. It was a huge eye opener for me and many of my friends. The local newspaper covered it. I thought that was GREAT!! We live in a beautiful area and for it to stay that way we need to do our part. I bug the crap out of people on Facebook with updates of Green Living lol. 

What do you think? How can we get the message out there?

And thanks for the tips! I learn slow lol. You should have been me start my blog, I was calling my 22yr. old daughter every few minutes trying to figure stuff out. :)

Here's a couple ideas for starting a discussion in your community.

I think you said you work in a library.  How about a green book club where people get together once a week/month to discuss something like Omnivore's Dilemna, or a Bill McKibben, etc.

Also, did your town have any Earth Day events in April?  If not, maybe you can help organize a committee to hold Earth Day events next year.

BTW - thanks for adding a blog. 

I love the idea of a green book club!!! I am already in charge of one book club so I will ask my boss about another!!

You know I don't know if our town did or not. I mean, I don't live in the town I work in and I don't really know if either of them did. I will check into that one as well!


i do,as i have some land near to where i live,and haqve been asking the city council if we the tenants of the block i live in can use the land to grow vegatables on,but all the council keep saying we can't as there are already allotments near to where we live now,.

so how do we go about getting the city council to giving us the land,as most f the tenants are elderly and disabled.




I am from Nepal and I am very much interested in this agenda you people are discussing. i also want information and new idea about this green and recycle concept in simple way so that i can implement and share to society . 


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