Let us know about environmental nonprofits you belong to.  We are looking for leads on groups to partner with on interesting projects.  


Please give us the name and website address if you know it--and why you support that group. Thanks.

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My favorite nonprofit is the Nature Conservancy.  I appreciate the many "on the ground" actions that they are taking.  I have voluntered on several of their tree planting projects here in California.  I like their action oriented and non-confrentational approach.  Here is a link to their site:


Nature Conservancy

I love nature, in my country (Czech Rep.) I support three groups protecting trees and waters, a dog shelter and a horse shelter. However, I do believe that you prefer to know more about U.S.A. - I love wolves so much, I am so sorry that they are hunted and trapped... so I belong to org. protecting wolves. Here they are addresses:


http://www.wolvesandhumans.org/index.htm     (this UK org.)




I am a member of the Green Committee in Yorkville, IL.  The website is


I'm in Green America

I am a fan of the Kawartha Turtle trauma centre. The Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre is a non-profit, registered charity that operates a hospital for injured wild turtles.


I am a member of Sierra Club, Arbor Day Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Audubon SocietyNational Parks Conservation Associationdefenders of wildlife and most of those that Kellie Smith listed above.  I just had 15 trees planted in the Gallatin National Forest in Montana in honor of a loved one who passed.  I am a member of Care2.com where I earn butterfly rewards that can be used to plant trees and many other causes.  I am a member of I can't even remember how many world causes lol.  I sign petitions, call government leaders, send emails and letters to prevent environmental disasters like Keystone XL Pipeline and to get legislation passes that will protect our environment and all who depend on a healthy planet.

Hi Tamara,

off subject  but what were you doing out here in Montana ? Just outside of Missoula  I have  a small mountain Property  147 acres .  It made me think of it when you mentioned planting trees in  Montana. I bought it to raise goats  but I never did. I have been saving it from Loggers  almost 15 years now . I had no idea what it meant to have something like that . The Hunters the, heli-loggers across the line, the Xmas tree pirates.  If I don't pay taxes on time  people try to grab it . Its safe now .  here's my blog about it . http://annahermanforresthugger.wordpress.com/ I live in Deer Lodge Mt  I'm on Care 2 .

Hi Anna!  I wasn't in Montana when I had those trees planted.  I was donating to the Arbor Day Foundation and I saw that I could have trees planted to honor someone.  My best friends just lost their 24 year old son and so I decided to plant trees in his honor.  There were two choices of where to have them planted so I chose Montana's Gallatin National forest.  I have been to Montana on several occasions though and it is beautiful.  I will look you up on Care2 and send you a friend invite ok?  I like meeting people who are of a like mind and there just can't be too many of us trying to fight the ongoing assault against our planet.  I hope you will accept my invitation on Care2.  Have a beautiful day and I applaud you for saving your land against those who would destroy it.  Take care, Tamara


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