Tell us about green causes that you support.  We are looking for causes to feature on this site.  Please give us the name and website address if you know it--and why you support that cause.




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One of my favorite causes is the Stream Team program run by WildEarth Guardians.  Each year this group organizes volunteers to help plant trees to restore vital riverside habitat in the Southwestern US.  I have been an active supporter of this program for seven years now.  While I have not been able to participate on the ground planting trees, I have supported the program by being a "matching donor" during their fund raising campaigns.  Here is a link to the Stream Team home page:


Stream Team


and a link to the 2011 projects they are working on:


2011 Projects


Here is a video showing off their work - awesome!!!!



I especially like this program since it is run aby a smaller group - so every dollar means a lot!


Over the years, I have developed a personal relationship with the program developers - so I can feel completely secure that my donations have been put to work - and are acheiving results on the ground.  Just look at what they have done:




Hi Richard.

We are a sustainable ecovillage in costa rica. See our website and let me know if this is something you guys would like to feature. 

We also have WISE - world institute for sustainability and ecology.

Thanks so much...


It would be great if you could feature a project I'm working as an intern for at the moment. It's called The Global Documentary Project and will be hosting a global webcast debate on solutions for climate change, economy, media and personal change with some of the worlds leading thinkers giving talks. We want as many people from around the world to join in online on March 27th and be a part of it. The website has more details about the speakers and programme:


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