Doormat Obama has done it again, hasn't he? Corporate polluters have won and the rest of us pee-ons have lost.

Hillary Clinton would have had a spine.

On behalf of the 18 million women who wanted her instead of Obama, we told you so. But the lust to break the racial barrier was to hard to resist.

Well, guess what? If you think any Hillary supporters will show up to vote Obama back in Nov. 2012, you're dreamin'. Folks like me will close their wallets and just hibernate until 2016.

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Obama was never vetted properly Cindy.  As a Canadian I was shocked to see America elect such an inexperienced President.  I am a fiscal conservative but hold a lot of liberal views.  I liked Hilary and thought she would have made a great President as she had an excellent senatorial record.  Served her constituents well.  Obama on the other hand had no record in either the Chicago senate and was barely in the Federal mix when he declared he was running.  He is a great campaigner though boring because he is the king of pete and repeat but has done great, great fiscal harm to America.  I hope he is a one term president.  It is too bad Hilary will not challenge him.


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