They appear to be growing and if anyone can explain what they are about I would sure appreciate it.  I am unclear as to the endgame here as I just told Green in another blog post.  They are running around causing all kinds of havoc and costing New York about two million dollars a day in security.  Thoughts anyone?

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What is really hilarious to me Donna is that Geraldo went down there and a group of them surrounded him and just kept yelling "Fox lies!"  They would not even talk to him and Geraldo is a liberal!  Fox news itself has been covering these protests and were actually given kudos by that Micheal Moore fellow for being among the only ones that were.  People do not seem to be able to separate the NEWS part of Fox from the OPINION shows (which are slanted right or dead right).  The only commentary show that I bother to watch now is Greta Van Sustren because she does try and present both sides of an issue.  If you do not know both sides how can you come to a conclusion about an issue?


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