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Our goal at My Green Face is to truly be the environmental online community “where socializing leads to action.”  Our members include concerned citizens, activists, experts, teenagers, college students, nonprofit organizations, community leaders, and business people.  They come together to learn from each other, support a variety of causes, and make a positive impact. 


We seek support from partners and sponsors interested in supporting this virtual green community. 

• Partners help grow the community by actively participating on My Green Face in an ongoing basis, such as through blogging, forming groups, and participating in discussions.  And we will support your causes and activities with articles and other media promotion in our environmental online publication, Living Green Magazine

• Sponsors help by supporting specific projects, such as contests, causes, and campaigns.  Depending on the project, your support can take the form of product donations, in-kind services, monetary gifts, cross-promotion using social media, etc. 


My Green Face is similar to other social networking sites, but is so much more comprehensive. 

  • Members can start a Group that represents a nonprofit they belong to, or just bring together like-minded people.  Group members can communicate directly with each other in a variety of ways. 
  • Any member can blog, which is a great way to reach a larger audience for established bloggers, and encourage other voices to share their knowledge and opinions. 
  • The Discussions section is designed for members to pose questions and solicit ideas from each other.   
  • Contests will be an integral part of the site to encourage participation and acquaint members with specific causes. 


By becoming a partner or sponsor, you can reach a larger green audience—and help create the ultimate green online community. 


For details, please call or email us………….


Richard Kujawski and Marco Britt

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