Magical and soundful earth

All is sound - the beautiful sound of life

In the deepness of the universe, flatters of deep black velvet and in front of sparkling stars live a wonderful and incredible beautiful lady. She sings a song over the life. A lullaby for her children full of phantasy, love and dreams and over the life she loves so much ♥ All on this earth sounds. The murmur of a brook, the symphony of a thunderstorm, the song that a rainstorm sings, the whispering of the trees and so much more beautiful noises the nature, the the life makes. The ocean is the best orchestra in the world with the greatest singers, dolphins and whales. It is the most beautiful sound in the world. Really, what can sound better ? Can you hear it? All on this earth have a magical sound. All have their own special speech. The rivers, the oceans, the trees. The wind, the rain, all have a sound and also a Speech. Because Speech is sound. Life is nature and the nature makes never a mistake. The life knows that so much beauty must have a sound. To describe with this sound, this music how wonderful this creation is. Because only words are to poor to describe such a soul and heart touching beauty. And that is the reason why the life give the nature a voice. The wonderful and beautiful song of life and this music is endless. A endless and magical song of life. Every note is a piece of the eternity


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