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Hi there I  just read the news on global warming effecting platypii, I live now, in temperate victoria in Elmhurst near Ararat. We are platypus country, our town emblem, it was the highest poplation recorded in the 50's, but due to the drought and  land clearing the populations have diminished to rare. Our local landcare group project platypus are reveging the waterways for protecting breeding habitats, particularly in the upper reaches of the Wimmera river, here in Elmhurst.



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Linear Reflections within the Illusion of Time



         As this illusion of time proceeds in the linear fashion that it must, the days teach me lessons of my own rise and falls. Ignorance lurks in so many corners of so many minds, including my own. I am on a mission to rid myself of ignorance and come into my own power and inner peace of knowing-ness. The small moments of new realizations are such a gift of confirmation upon our growth. I am 22 years old, and the changes that I have experienced in the past two…


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"Bad?" corn



I have come across a strange/startling discovery lately while we are driving around. It has to do with our local corn (feed corn) crop. Now last year I had seen some areas in fields that were not as well grown as they others. No big deal right?


Well this year, while driving past at least 3 different corn fields (feed corn). I have seen some puny plants, also large portions of the field just aren't growing at all. I know and you also may know that old line…


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What is the Date?

I have posted this on my wordpress blog if anyone cares to look there but here is the entirety:


That should be a simple question correct? Even when talking about food correct? Well it isn't sometimes, as I have learned the short time I worked a stint in a meat department. Yes, I said meat department; and in this age when we have to worry about E Coli in our foods on a dramatic increase. To have to worry about the date on your packaged meats in the grocery store isn't a good…


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BP’s Gulf Oil Spill One Year Later: Dead Dolphins, Ruined Lives, and No Justice: Part 1

FYI - This is the first in a 3-part series about the ongoing impact of the Gulf oil spill. 


The first anniversary of the world’s worst environmental accident was marked in April by a number of investigative reports detailing the environmental and human damage caused by the BP-Transocean-Halliburton disaster at the Deepwater Horizon oil rig.  


Not surprisingly, as the surface oil disappeared last fall, so have the…


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Just another day on the farm...

 The farmer walked out to his field shaking his head, looking at the corn crops all dead; and not knowing why. This has been the first time this has ever happened as far as the farmer knew. He had been growing corn for about five years after his father stopped and gave him the farm. As he looked around even across the street he could see those corn fields dead as well, and those weren't his fields.

As far as he knows all the corn fields are dead, the only place he had heard of any…


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Are vegetables subliminally getting bad press?

Hello all,


I am so glad I found My Green Face, it has been wonderful connecting with some of you and reading your fantastic thoughts.

Something that has been increasingly troubling me lately, especially since I am Vegan and have struggled with Candida Albican for 7 yrs, is how sudden influx of 'nutritionists' who do not seem to know much about the difference between Veganism & Vegetarism, what Allergies are and how what the daily portion of fruit & vegetables…


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images of our earth in crisis

Just saw THIS online.


J. Henry Fair photographs wasteful environments with elegance, emphasizing the seemingly unnatural colors of byproducts in our household items. These are photographs of destruction, but so composed that earth is viewed as a simple and systematic waste land. It makes me wonder: how we can undo, revitalize such areas. Is it…


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Smart Living

Hello Friends,


As an Eco-Educator and a business owner of an Eco-Friendly dry cleaner I do consider myself a person passionate about educating others on how to make their homes healthier and safer.  After all, we wouldn't let our kids run in the street would we? Than why would we expose them to unneccessary household toxins?


Do you know that the EPA has determined that the toxic chemical levels INSIDE our homes are 3-5 times greater than the air OUTSIDE our…


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go green all the way

- OmShanti Yoga/Workout Wear 

organic, handmade and custom designed for Goddesses of all shapes,…


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Carbon Tax in Australia

Hi mygreenface,


As a family of two, we are committed in working hard to reduce our footprint on this world. We are living on a fixed income due to health issues.


We find this idea of a Carbon Tax an absolute joke. The proposal to tax Carbon producing Industry will only mean that the cost of living will rise. The idea behind the proposal has some merit but the follow through into the impact this tax will have on everyone is just not there. 




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What's In My Makeup Bag?! Investigating the Health Effects of Personal Care Products

Last week, I started a new internship with the Oregon Environmental Council: communications and social media strategy for their "What's In My Makeup Bag?!" project. In collaboration with Metro, OEC surveyed over a thousand Portland State University students to gather information about common uses of personal care products for college age females. Now,…


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A couple years ago, I met a newcomer to our area. Brenda Smoak, an artist from Washington DC, had recently moved to Bradenton and opened an artist gallery in the Village of the Arts. It was easy to see that she was very passionate about her art and gallery and she quickly became very active in her new community. Brenda and I became friends and talked often about the possibility of working together in the…


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Essential Housing - A Little Bit About Us!

By Julie Hairston, Public Relations & Senior Account Executive, A. Brown-Olmstead Associates


A unique alliance between Resources for Residents and Communities, a nonprofit community development corporation based in Atlanta’s Historic Reynoldstown, and New World Home, an Atlanta-based provider of sustainable housing nationwide, combined their expertise in 2010 to break down the barrier that once separated green from affordable in the housing market.

The Essential…


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Growing UP! Vertical gardening

Individuals have been gardening since the dawn of time, using plants for food, medicines, building materials, clothing & simple decorative purposes. Although lately it is gaining in popularity, vertical gardening is not a new concept. Vertical gardens are found through out history. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the seven ancient wonders of the…


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Floating Salad Bar

Have you ever thought about growing your own veggie & herb garden but decided against it because you thought it would be too much work or you wouldn't have time to care for it? Aquatic gardening is just the answer. Aquatic plants are some of the easiest plants to grow & just think, you never have to water them. A pond or water garden can be more than just a habitat for wildlife, Koi &…


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Do it yourself pond installation

Did you know that water gardening is the fastest growing segment in the landscape/garden industry? Although professional installers like us are available, with a bit of research & some hard work you can create a beautiful water garden yourself. If you are thinking about adding a pond to your yard there are several things you should consider.…


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