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Deadly Australian spider comes to Britain along with other visitors

Much as I love all life on the planet, I like most others are a bit squeamish about larger spiders. Now it seems we may need to be aware of the smaller and deadlier ones.


With eight legs, lightning speed and a deadly bite, the only reassuring thing about the redback spider is that it lives 9,000 miles away in…


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Cutting down on printing costs

I found this article by Taylor Hatmaker, Tecca really useful.


Printing at home is expensive, especially when it feels like you're swapping out ink cartridges every other week. The cheapest way to cut down on printing costs is to avoid printing altogether (have your boarding pass emailed to your smartphone for your next flight!), but unfortunately that's not always a possibility. From expense reports to concert tickets, most of us still need to print on a regular basis, but it…


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X-ray facility to study conditions at Earth's core

Whilst I am an avid fan of science, there are times when I can't help but think 'what is the point?'

Why spend so much money on studying the earth's core? What use will any information found be to us? Will there be any damage/after effects, due to drilling holes in the earth's crust?


This is the article I just read


An experiment to recreate the extreme conditions of the centre of the Earth was officially…


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Autumn has arrived

Yes, finally the colder weather has hit us. I refuse to put the heating on. I spend days where I don't have to go out, wearing fluffy pink pj's all day and warm fluffy socks. Keeps me warm and saves on washing! The neighbours have spotted me in them, but I care not!


The new wormery has been made from the converted plastic boxes (previously used for collecting glass for recycling)  I will get a picture at some point,when I remember to take the camera down to the bottom of the…


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Ponderings & wishful thinking.

One of the things Kev and I are always talking about is sustainable energy.

We would love to have solar panels and wind turbines. I said someone needs to invent a water wheel that can fitted onto the waste water pipes, (not the toilet one) so that it turns a mini turbine that creates power that could be saved like solar and wind power. How cool would that be!.


Alas, we live in a rented house, which means we can't make any changes for the better and don't have the means…


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Spent alot of yesterday baking. Kev's mother gave me a large bag of cooking apples

























So I…


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The Belo Dam Project

This is Chief Raoni crying when he learned that the President of Brazil approved the…

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Sticks & sucky weather

My partner's urine had no effect at deterring foxes. Hardly surprising when I discovered it's not a fox, but a very large cat that keeps pooping in my vegetables. It doesn't always bury it's large deposits (it's a very big black cat) which is why we thought it was a fox.

I have had to resort to pushing sticks in around the veggies to make it impossible for the cat to use my carrots (and other veggies)as it's designated toilet spot.


I was so not happy when I saw it had…


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A little nocturnal visitor

The little guy has been collecting conkers (horse chestnut) over the last few weeks. We now have in excess of 350+ of them.



We had recently been discussing whether other nocturnal guests other than the foxes & bats dined for free.

At the weekend Kev discovered that we do…


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Interesting History:The origin of sayings

I came across the following via an email that was sent to me by my Aunty. Some of these I already knew, but thought i'd share them


 Where did "Piss Poor" come from?

They used to use urine to tan animal skins, so families used to all pee in a pot and then once a day it…


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Windy wonders

It's extremely windy here in the UK, (not because of the brussel sprouts I ate) it's the tail end of the hurricane that hit the US.

Too windy for putting washing out and trying to rake up leaves is a laugh!

Sooooooo what did I do today.......erm nothing! I did think about things I should have done, but I guess my brain stopped on 'pause'.

Think I liked the peace and quiet today.

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Sun Jars

I bought 8 sun jar's about 4 years ago and they are still going strong on the original rechargable batteries that they came with. We have 4 blue and 4 yellow.

I purchased them for £19.99 each plus postage, but of course now you can find them cheaper.

This Ebay shop sells them for 14.99 post free…


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Bird watching and worms

I'm lucky to have a variety of birds visiting my garden on a daily basis. Already a wildlife lover and a member of the RSPB for many years now, I do what I can to encourage birds into the garden.

Here in our new home, I am grateful for the long garden surrounded by laurels and leylandi. A pair of blackbirds have nested two times this year. The last brood had six babies(one of which died to a cat.) Several times a day they do a routine forage of the garden from top to bottom. This is…


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Cut waste when charging your mobile.

I tend to charge my mobile phone through my pc rather than plugging it into a socket. But if i'm away from home & as I don't have a laptop, I have to use a socket. I've found that using an enviro plug can help save on power consumption.

The Enviroplug adaptor stops you…


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The H2O radio

If like me you like a little sing song in the shower, then this one could be for you. The H2O radio claims to be the world’s first shower-powered radio. The water from the shower runs through the radio’s micro turbine, driving a generator which then powers the radio itself, so you don’t spend a penny in energy costs or on batteries.

And as the radio stores any excess energy created if you’re in there a while, you can carry…


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What's the country coming to?

By now most of the world will have heard about the nonsensical actions of rioters here in the UK. Starting in a part of London on Saturday, and moving across the capital on Sunday & Monday & spreading out to Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham & Leeds. And tonight news has just unfolded about riots in Manchester.

These are not riots, they are absurd people attacking their own communities. The looting is bad enough, but the violence that comes with it is insane.…


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A blurghhhhhhhhhhhh day

My day started with good intentions but I was distracted by my delivery of seeds, a mix of flowers and some herbs. When I next looked at the time it was 11am.

I put the grasshopper out at last. It's been hard to catch and in the end we had to wait for a good moment! Meanwhile it has been circling the walls of the lounge. Anyhow I put him on the nearest laurel leaf.…


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Recycling & Pictures update

My partner, Kev must be exasperated with me sometimes, possibly all times. I save everything & I have been known go through the rubbish to see if I can use anything he has thrown out - much to his dispair. He borders on OCD whereas I am what I call 'organised chaos'. Despite this we complement each other.


Tonight I saw some elastics which he uses inside his fishing rods. Theses rods are called whips. Anyone who is an avid fisherman will know what i'm on about Those who…


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Busy hot day and fox poo!

It's been so hot today, i've had to wait until shade has moved into the area of the garden i've been working in.

Managed to weed the front garden whilst saving some dandelion leaves for our hamster, Cookie. Re-potted some potted plants that were seriously pushed for space & snipped a few more laurel branches off!

The Rocket Garden arrived and will need some moisture to keep them fresh as i've been unable to use the designated veggie area due to a fox pooping there. Not just…


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My Rocket Garden

Having recently moved from a house with no garden to a house with a large garden, but it being the wrong time of year to plant alot of plants and veggies, I thought i'd try Rocket Gardens and give my garden a starting boost.

A Rocket Garden is a box brimming full of baby organic vegetable and herb plants packed in golden straw and delivered direct to your door.

I've opted for the Summer Top Up Garden for £29.99 incl delivery from the company based in Cornwall, UK and is…


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