All that you wanted to know about LED Flashlight

All that you wanted to know about LED Flashlight

LED flashlight is here to stay. It needs to prescribe to certain written standards that would actually specify the uniform ways in the performance of a LED flashlight is measured and reported. This written standard defines four separate categories of flashlight performance. Besides, it even prescribes the test equipment as well as procedures. A set of logos has been prescribed that are to be used on product packaging and other places.

The performance categories are there for a user to choose and decide. Depending on the needs, the user can select the flashlight led of a particular performance category. So there are people who use their LED flashlight to read by, and hence do not require it to be very bright. Rather, they would prefer that it does not drain off its batteries too quickly. It is the run time that would set the performance category here. For those who wish to use their LED flashlight for lighting up objects that are at a distance, it is most important to focus on the beam distance performance category.

The light output in case of a LED flashlight is measured in lumens. It will tell the amount of light energy that is emitted from the LED that is inside the flashlight. This is irrespective of how the beam of the LED is being focused. This just says how powerful the LED of a LED flashlight is and not how long its beam distance is.

A good LED flashlight is one that is able to throw a useful beam of light through a long distance.

Earlier there was the incandescent home lighting. Then came the fluorescent lights that were brighter than the incandescent light bulbs, and used lesser energy to make more light. Then the government made the requirement that all the light bulb manufacturers will have to add a type of measurement known as lumens to their packages. This way the consumer would become more energy conscious. The light sources will be compared by the amount of energy used in order to produce a certain amount of light.

A lumen refers to a unit of measurement that express the amount of illumination provided by a source of light. Basically it measures the efficiency of a light source. Even though many consider LED as too expensive to be used for home lighting, but it is routinely used in the case of a highest lumen flashlight.

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