An interview with a ghost

"back seat driver"-women visits her mothers grave only to see her sitting behind husband in car

While conducting research for my documentary about the Fox Sisters", I had the opportunity to consult with numerous psychics and ghost-hunters to help me to gain insight into the world of the paranormal. Although i would

have to consider myself a, 'non-believer' in all things that go bump-in-the-night, i have learned, especially as i get older, not to fully discount 'alternative' explanations for the 'unexplained.'

One of the ghost-hunters that i met who impressed me with his sincerity in his approach to 'the other word", is Dwayne Claud, the Director of Western New York Paranormal of Rochester. So a few days ago i sat down with Claud for an interview in order to learn more about his ghost-hunting activites.

Dwayne, how did you become interested in ghost hunting ?

I have allways had an interest in the paranormal even as a young child. it was perhaps my curiosity about life after death and whether there are things around us we can't see. Although i never had a personal experience until i was much older, the burning curiosity was still there.

What was the first place you went ghost hunting, and what were the results ?

My first ghost hunt was actually the Mansfield Penitentiary in Ohio. It was quite the trip; the area around Mansfield we stayed in was scarier than the penitentiary-straight from a Steven King novel The results though were less than spectacular. I have rolls and rolls of 35mm film with nothing on them to prove anything. I really think the lack of "results" was due to the spirits just not showing an interest in me the evening we were there. The experience just goes to prove that things don't always jump out and say "boo" from the darkness, and spirits don't always cooperate. The lesson learned is to get as much education and experience as you can and persevere.

If you had to make a list of basic equipment for a ghost hunter, what would it include ?

I would suggest that any beginning investigator be armed with a minimum 6.0 mega pixel digital camera for picture taking at the highest resolution, a voice recorder and an LED flashlights. I personally use green to save my night vision. Keep your senses wide open to the possibilities, and always keep your faith in your back pocket for protection and guidance.

Do you have a favorite haunted spot in Rochester ?

Oh, certainly, we have investigated a great many locations including Rolling Hills, Geva Theater, Rochester Armory and Eastman Dental Dispensary but i would have to say my favorite location is the area around Mount Hope Cemetery. There are so many wonderful stories and experiences from around the cemetery that when you even just walk around the perimeter, any investigator is bound to get something with EVP, photographs or just speaking with roaming spirits using dowsing rods

Are there things that a ghost hunter shouldn't do ?

One thing that television shows like "Ghost Hunters" do that i highly recommend not doing is provoking spirits. You see these shows where investigators go in and yell at spirits, call them names and just "poke them with a stick" to get a reaction. Ghost hunters need to beware that the reaction they can get isn't one they may expect. i once watched a 300-pound man who was over six-feet tall brought to his knees by a spirit strangling him because the investigator wanted the spirit to prove it was there.

I understand you have written two books, one on demonology and another on ghost hunting. Can you tell us a little about them ?

Yes, i wrote "Baptism By Fire" involving three specific cases of demonic forces that have occured in Western New York and most recently, "Finger Lake Haunts", a more lighthearted look at various haunted spots in and around the Finger Lakes region. Both books are available on my website and in Barnes Noble.

Dwayne Claud and his group WNY Paranormal interrogated a young Wiccan girl in Canandaigua NY in then accusing her of being a Satanist. Then they went around informing the young girls neighbors which almost started a Witch hunt against her and her family.

And now you as a so called examiner in order to push your videos now takes the side of Dwayne Claud and protects his reputation making you no better by continually removing any opinion and blocking IP's of which you consider unfavorable even though this is a public format.

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