Are You a Flashaholic

Any physical object can become an obsession. Some people collect sports memorabilia. Others must have the latest handbag or tennis shoe. A person might even be addicted to sporting equipment, like LED flashlights or headlamps.

Below are listed seven indicators that your addiction to flashlights has reached particularly high levels. If these warning signs ring true for you, there is a good chance you could be branded a \"flashaholic.\"

1. You peruse flashlight websites daily. Spend a good amount of your online time drooling over the latest generation of LED flashlights? Do you visit outdoor gear forums to get the latest news on LED technology and flashlight reviews? Do you write one of the most widely read blog sites on LED flashlight and headlamp usage? Consider this warning sign number 1.

2. You hide flashlights around the house. A junk drawer? Too obvious. You are so dependent on having a flashlight at your immediate disposal that you have devised methods of hiding LED flashlights in obscure places only you would dare look - behind toilet bowls, in shoe boxes, under couches. Visitors to your house often casually stumble upon a handheld LED light while helping you set the dinner table.

3. You have been known to wear your headlamp to work. You wear your headlamp on a daily basis around the house to take out the trash, look through your closet or simply read. Why not leave it on while you go to work? At least your boss says you are bright!

4. Your get pumped when you read specs for the newest led tactical flashlight. Four different beam colors? Strobing features. You calculate your children's ages in lumens. Even the most casual flashlight lover knows one lumen equals the amount of light emitted by a single birthday candle a foot away from you. You take it a step further, proudly declaring to friends and family that your child just turned four lumens old.

6. You calculate travel distance according to the number of batteries you will need for your flashlights. \"This trip will take roughly 8 AAA batteries to complete.\" That's normal, right?

7. Your idols are Thomas Edison and Nick Holonyack Jr. The Wizard of Menlo Park is a hero to many Americans, but it takes a real flashaholic to dream of having \"the father of the light-emitting diode\" over for dinner. You tell friends that you were born in the wrong time - you should have been around to watch Holonyack develop not only the first useful, visible LED but also the first light dimmer, back in his days at GE in the 1960s.

If you find that the warning signs listed above are true for you, it's clear that you have an abnormal affinity for portable LED lighting. A few words of advice for any \"flashaholics\" out there.\"Moderation in all things, including moderation.\"

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