Explore The BlackBerry Style 9670

Explore The BlackBerry Style 9670

The new BlackBerry Style 9670 is a big flip phone that embraces a new design not previously found on other Mobile Phones manufactured by RIM. The flip screen technology employed in the design of this phone enables it to keep the keypad hidden whenever it is not required, much in the same manner as a Tablet PC hides its keyboard. It has both outside and inside displays and these features come in very handy in any situations where the user only wants to use the phone briefly. The outer display is a smaller screen with a slightly lower resolution than the inner display screen. It shows a clock and indicates all new or unread mail and text received by the phone and by using the volume keys, the user is able to scroll through the messages without lifting the flap. The inner display of the handset is the real wonder. It features an extended wide display screen of very high resolution. Although the screen does not have any efficient touch screen capabilities like the ones found on a Tablet PC, it is still much easier to surf than the screens found in many other BlackBerry phones.

Navigation and surfing on the BlackBerry Style 9670 has indeed been taken to another level. The touch pad that is located at the center of the key pad functions is as efficient as a mouse on any quality computer. The user can utilize this touchpad by using it to move a small icon on the screen to select any item just by tapping gently on the pad. The keypad itself is a full QWERTY keyboard, similar to the one found in the other BlackBerry models. The individual keys are terraced in order to provide the user with a better grip. The only downside of this keypad is its size. It is not very large and users with large or thick fingers might not find typing on this keyboard very comfortable. The terraced keys however greatly reduce this problem, as they increase the accuracy of any typed inputs.

There is also a dedicated camera button at the side of the phone that enables the user of the phone to shoot pictures faster and more efficiently at the touch of a single button. The button controls a 5 megapixels camera that is able to deliver print quality pictures at any time, day or night. Night time photography using this phone is enhanced by the presence of an high lumen led flashlight that is built into the phone.

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