Sanjay Sabnani Answers on Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

Sanjay Sabnani Answers on Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs

Startup Founders and Entrepreneurs: Do start-up founders dream to become a billionaire?

Many do, but very few succeed. The ones that do become billionaires are usually unconcerned with something as trivial as money. As a note, I do not use any forums for entrepreneurship related matters. It may just be because I have yet to find one that doesn suck for this subject.

My forum choices will be a bit eclectic and the list is very long, but I will limit it to forums that I truly enjoy and check at least once a day.

Usual Suspect Forums- a private forum filled with knife, gun, and tactical stuff.

Blade Forums- a knife enthusiast forum.

CandlePower Forums- for people who somehow seem to find that spending $400 on a custom titanium flashlight led is a normal thing to do.

General Mayhem*- my original forum which I mainly visit for nostalgia.

PbNation*- world largest paintballing community. I enjoy this site not because I am an avid paintballer, but because it is an example of how forums can be the only logical medium for collecting all participants who are interested in the same activity.

My list is shorter than it typically is because I have to admit that I have been spending some of my forum time on Quora lately.

*My company owns these two forums.

Finance: What are the best resource for non-financial startup founders to develop enough fluency in the language of finance to participate fully in the conversations around it?

The course you have linked will emphasize accounting which is not what I believe you want to learn. The subject matter that contains as a subset all matters related to capitalization, financing, stock grants, etc is actually corporate finance. Corporate finance does not really address how to raise money, make a pitch deck, or put together a business plan. What you probably need is an understanding of startup finance, how venture capital funding works, and applied corporate finance for the non-public company.

Luckily, startup culture is all the rage and there seem to be many vendors, incubators, coworking entities, and websites, that can help you. You do not need a course to teach you much if you are willing to read.

Dale Larson

Thanks, Sanjay, that sounds helpful all around. I really am interested in finding good resources for a couple of founders who want to improve their financial literacy, not around venture finance, but to make better management decisions and have more effective conversations with their CFO/COO/Accountant in their business. They feel like they never really learned and aren comfortable in conversations about money and strategy.

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Chief Executive Officers: Who is the most inspiring CEO till date, and why?

Bill Gates has always been someone I have admired. I realize that we are currently in an Apple-centric era right now, but while Bill gates ran Microsoft they were always a company to be admired and feared.

His contribution to the world of business and PC pales compared to his contribution to humanity. He will have given away more wealth for the benefit of mankind than any other human in recorded history. He has also inspired other billionaires to match his generosity.

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