In the deepness of the universe, flatters of deep black velvet and in front of sparkling stars live a wonderful and incredible beautiful lady. She is so little and fragile. She is wrapped in wonderful robes in blue, white and green. Her beauty radiate far out in the darkness of the universe. She is like a precious jewel. Her body is perfect formed. She is delicate and graceful. Her blue and white skin so thin, so fragile. She is so old, before millions of years born but to the same time she is so young. Like a young girl, so alive and full of sensuality and life. She is like a virgin, so clear in her beauty and to the same time a loving mother. She is the home of billions of living beings. And all this beings she embrace full of love. Every beat of her heart give us life, like the umbilical cord by a human mother. This wonderful blue lady is our mother. We should love her like she love us ♥ - This video and the text was created by Andrea Wedmann


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